Under Pressure

The holidays make me a little nuts. I love them, they’re fun, they’re filled with gift madness and chocolate and Santa-loving babies. G is so in love with the Advent calendar that she checks it round about 60 times a day (each door. every hour. good times). I, however, do not have my act together in the gift giving department. I’m trying to make many of my gifts this year – have a I mentioned that I like to make stuff? I’m not particularly adept in the creativity department, but the internet trove of DIY blogs is AWSOME. I do overestimate my skills sometimes, which is when I throw in the towel, turn on a Scrubs rerun and eat cookies while glowering at my sewing machine, but I think that the roster of “sure I can do this” gifts should be ok this year. What I didn’t really consider was the TIME that needs to go into all this. At this moment I have plans for making gifts for my mom, mother-in-law, daughters and at least four friends. There are, what, 90+ days until Christmas, right? I wish. Crap.

Works in progress:

An embroidered scene of the 12 Dancing Princesses – pattern from the amazing ladies at Sugar City.

work in progress

Tags to be used and to be gifted:

A necklace for a friend:

These give the mistaken impression that I have my act together, but I know the real story. I predict quite a few late nights in the coming weeks.