Thanks for stopping by! I’m Natalie: wife, mother, dilettante. Send notes my way at flipandglibATgmailDOTcom.

likes: sugar, books, time to myself, Coke (not diet), seaweed salad.

peeves: people who take themselves too seriously, mosquitoes, badly proofed books that still made it to the publisher, whining.

I’ve just realized that I myself like to read a really in-depth About page when I’m first visiting a blog, so I’ll try that 100 Facts format, only we’ll just start with 20 30, ok? Maybe to be added to at a later date or when I can remember more details about myself.

1. I have a really unhealthy addiction to sugar. I’m currently trying to kick the habit but it’s haaarrrddd.

2. I took piano for thirteen years. I really wish I had one in the house so I could try to get back some of my old skills.

3. I moved to New York City three weeks before 9/11. I remember every tiny detail of that day.

4. I majored in French in college.

5. It actually came in handy at my last job. Shockingly.

6. I have two daughters. I love having daughters. And get mildly insulted when asked if we’re trying again so we can have a boy. (Rude.)

7. I’m not a very patient person.

8. I have a Purse Problem. (Love them. Not wisely but too well.)

9. I’m a Mac convert. The computer, not the makeup.

10. I adore Scrubs and will watch it even if I’ve seen the episode 20 times.

11. Girl crushes: Jennifer Garner. Kate Winslet. Kristen Wiig.

12. I get Martha Stewart Living and Vogue, and I mourn the loss of Domino.

13. I am a recent runner.

14. I attempt crafty.

15. I have never been to San Francisco and I really want to visit.

16. I read really quickly.

17. A pet peeve is when people confuse “less” and “fewer.”

18. I have a dog and two cats.

19. Those air freshener commercials with the talking octopus (who is maybe Scottish?) make me insane.

20. I can recite “When Harry Met Sally” from memory. “Someone is staring at you in Personal Growth.”

21. I’m sad to admit that I’m a loud phone talker. (So ashamed.)

22. I have never owned an automatic car.

23. I’m originally from New Orleans and I miss it every day.

24. I don’t really like beer.

25. The best name I have ever heard of someone naming a child is “Rolexus.” I hope it’s an urban legend but I’m scared it’s not.

26. I’m really terrible at guesstimating amounts when cooking. I ALWAYS make way too much pasta.

27. I have no concept of distance, visually; if you ask me to point at something that’s five feet away I may point to something that’s twenty feet away.

28. Despite the above fact, I’m an excellent parallel-parker.

29. Natalie is a family name. Both of my daughters have family names as well. I like that.

30. My camera is one of my favorite possessions.