I COULD Actually Update. I realize this.

Allow me to dust off Ye Olde Blogge in honor of this past weekend, which was The Blathering. Ya’ll, THE BLATHERING. And it was here in my backyard! (Well, not my actual backyard. But in Austin!) This was both really awesome and really hard. I didn’t have to fly anywhere to get to meet a bunch of amazing women I’ve been reading forever, but on the other hand, I didn’t GET to fly anywhere to meet a bunch of amazing women. And what I mean by that is that since I live here, I didn’t feel like I could just wave goodbye to Casey and the kids and be all “See ya! Off to Blather!” for the whole weekend. It would have felt odd to do that, and so I went to just a handful of the activities. BUT.

They were AWESOME activities. I got to meet so many amazing, funny, smart, witty women and I just… well, I can’t wait until next year. I didn’t even get to meet everyone! I am bereft! But those of you I did meet, you are fabulous and incredible and I sure wish you’d come back to Austin again soon. So, in your honor, I have a round-up of sorts. Please know that I loved everyone I met and could have talked to you all for hours and days and weeks; when I think of this weekend, here are a few things that stick out in my mind.

1. Best Decorating Blatheringer: Elizabeth. Man, that lady is CRAFTY. Her decorations were so fun and colorful and clever and I kind of want to wear my Blathering name tag everywhere. (That’s not weird at all.) Plus she’s thoughtful and smart and I so enjoyed meeting her.

2. Best Accessorizer: (Shut it. It’s totally a word) Christina. I want every single piece of jewelry she wore during the weekend. Also her headbands. And her smile. (Though I didn’t get to hear her say “hot ham!” which is my favorite expression of hers and which I’m attempting to appropriate.)

3. Best Sport: SarahLena. OH MY LORD ya’ll she flew standby and kept getting bumped and SLEPT AT THE AIRPORT ON SUNDAY NIGHT and SarahLena please come back some day I swear Austin isn’t so bad. I’ll host you and make you cookies and anything you want. (Also, I so, so, so enjoyed talking with you on Friday night.)

4. Best Organizer: A’Dell. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I know the organzing a dinner for 50 people flying from all over the country was probably a task that drove you to drink, and you are awesome. (For many other reasons as well, but thank you for all of your skills that made the weekend happen.)

5. Best Stories: Emily. Two phrases that, when paired, will have me laughing long after this weekend: car wreck and azaleas.

6. Best Hair: Lauren. (Seriously. She is going to think I’m a hair stalker.) Also, Lauren, I loved getting to talk with you and wish we had had more time to chat! Also, Walker Percy is one of my favorite authors in the world and I love that you have one of my favorite quotes of his on your blog header.

7. Best Fellow Austinite and Champagne Gifter: Regan. I love that I get to hang out with you more than just once a year, and thanks for not minding that my kid keeps trying to feed your baby a pacifier.

8. Best Houseguests: Elisabeth, Natalie and Jonna. You girls are AMAZING. I love you all and I want you to come back any time you feel like it. I mean that. (Jonna: coughBRINGSAMcough)

9. Best “Felt Like I Already Knew You” Ladies: Kristie and Manda. I truly think that we would become friends regardless of the situation in which we met. You are lovely, funny, wonderful people and I can’t wait to get to hang out again sometime.

10. Best Everyone I Didn’t Get to Meet: I am so sad about that, and I hope that we all get together next year because I DO want to meet all of you!

And finally, I have to give a Best Introducing Me to the Internet People Award to Jennie, without whom I would not be writing for Style Lush, would not have met ANY of you lovely ladies, and whom I am grateful to for friendship.

Blathering ladies, thanks a million. I’ll be back next year.




7 Comments on “I COULD Actually Update. I realize this.”

  1. Elsha says:

    Oh my gosh, the car wreck/azaleas story was the BEST.

  2. Jennie says:

    I am so thankful for you, too. I can’t wait for January and those stuffed avocados. Every time I see you, lady, I am reminded that the internet is a beautiful thing indeed.

  3. Manda says:

    I ALSO felt like I knew you already!! Loved talking to you and hanging with you and NEXT YEAR I am bringing my big camera so you can show me how to be a fancy photo taker (or at least a passable one! OOPS!). You really are lovely. Here’s to many more Blatherings!!

  4. Julie says:

    I’m so glad we met, even if we were like ships in the night. Luckily, we don’t live so far apart and we could get our ships together again soon.

  5. I have nothing to say except 😦


  6. Emily says:

    I am so excited you’ll be coming next year – we need you there for EVERYTHING, not just bits and pieces. It was so awesome to meet you except a little bit depressing too because I found you so cute that I wanted to put you into my pocket and take you home. Watch out for that next year.

  7. Rob Frantz says:

    Cuando tengo que pensar en estas cosas que sin duda volveremos aquí

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