The Beach (was not like Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie The Beach)

Well. That was… interesting.

Maybe I’ll just do a little exercise in which I throw out keywords that applied to our camping “vacation” and you can draw your own conclusions, yes?

  • Sand
  • More Sand
  • Sand on bodies that precluded the reapplication of sunscreen
  • WIND
  • Tent {see also: ripping from the ground, flying over dunes}
  • Port-a-Potty
  • Wind
  • Wind
  • Sunburn

I think I’m pretty much finished.

Although, kids being kids, the girls had a fantastic time, and I couldn’t get Georgia out of the ocean. She had a complete blast. Adele magically did not get sunburned, so I’m giving myself mom points for that. Also, I’ve never been so dirty in my life. (Well, maybe that time I did Outward Bound after my freshman year of college. I was in an open boat for three weeks. There were no showers. I was stunning after those three weeks, let me tell you.)

In any case, we’re back. Today is G’s last day of school (what? how on earth did that happen?) and then we’re off for the summer. I only have to entertain both kiddos at home by myself for two weeks before we head of to the first of our three road trips this summer (THREE. I WEEP) so I’m steeling myself to be Fun Mom, and not Neurotic Mom, for those two weeks.

I’m really trying to be more go-with-the-flow, but I’ve also realized that my kids do better with scheduled activities, so we’re going to have to find some things to do. It should be an adventure.


5 Comments on “The Beach (was not like Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie The Beach)”

  1. whoorl says:

    Go Fun Mom! I’ll be cheering you on from over here!

  2. The sand is horrifying enough, but a BABY RATTLESNAKE? Oh my.

  3. Kelly says:

    We’re heading on vacation in about a month, and I FEAR THE SAND. I just spent too much time yesterday getting sand of my toddler’s diaper after she spent only 15 minutes in the sandbox. A WHOLE BEACH OF THE STUFF? Oh lordy. Plus she rips off her sunhat in .5 seconds, so I’m freaked about sunburns too. I can tell this trip will be totally relaxing. 🙂

  4. LizScott says:

    Dear Natalie: I just found your blog (I know! I’m sorry!) and I absolutely must insist that you blog more, because it seems unfair for me to discover you once you’ve stopped. Pretty please?

  5. ptkate says:

    I agree! You must blog again! Your tweets are so funny, I’d love to read more…


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