The Longest Time (In Months and Hair)

Is it still January? And has this not been the LONGEST January in the history of Januaries? I really can’t believe it’s only the 23rd… it feels like this month has gone on and on and on. Perhaps because my in-laws were here for a week? (I jest. I genuinely like my in-laws. I do not genuinely like the fact that, due to eating at restaurants and playing incessantly with grandparental gifts,  my children have decided that sleep is for babies, not kids, and that they now go to bed at nine. NINE. PEE. EM. 9 p.m.)

I give that two thumbs down, Ebert. Obviously. Well-behaved children go to bed at 7:30 in this house. The end.

To remedy this, I allowed Adele to skip her nap today in order to facilitate a decent bedtime. I’m not really anticipating that this is actually going to work, but we’re trying it just the same.


So while ago, I cut my hair. It had gotten long. Too long, I think. Not like Crystal Gayle or anything, but long for me. Not so much like this:

as this:

(Casey took that. Thanks, Case! Also, I’m pretty sure we should repaint our house, but if we try to strip the old paint off, it’s almost certain that the wood itself will fall right off. Ah, priorities.)

So I chopped it. And now I miss it. It’s poofy. And I blow-dried it today and it made me look like Shirley Jones. No, Florence Henderson. One of those 70’s-era housewives, anyway. (Minus the bangs.)

Joys! Obviously I will be growing it out again. As Bridget Jones says, what is happiness if not the pursuit of attainable goals?

Also, while my in-laws were here, Casey and I got to go out to a real, adults-only (not in the “adult bookstore” sense, just a sans-kids sense) dinner. There were multiple courses, and wine, and dessert; no one stole any food off my plate without asking, and I didn’t get up to refill anyone’s drink or fetch additional silverware, though old waiter habits die hard and I noticed that the table next to us could have used a couple extra knives. In short: BLISS. We really have to do that more often. Also, if you’re in Austin, I highly recommend East Side Cafe. Delish!

So, to recap: January is long. My hair is not. Adult dinners out are necessary.

Any words of wisdom you care to impart?


One Comment on “The Longest Time (In Months and Hair)”

  1. whoorl says:

    Oh, I feel you. How I loooong for my long hair. Please grow back!

    (January will never end, will it??)

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