Extended Hiatus: The Excuses Edition

1. So much laundry. Kid number two is so much messier than kid number one (it’s true! it’s one of the secrets other moms don’t tell you!) that I spend multiple hours a day with my washer and dryer. Not that it really matters, but we got a new washer and dryer in the fall and I love them so much that I honestly don’t MIND the laundry anymore. The folding, however? Well. I  do not claim to love the folding.

2. Traveling! In town! Out of town! Massachusetts over Thanksgiving! New Orleans for Christmas! New York for the marathon!

I looked like this:

My pants were ridiculous. I meant to buy tight pants! They were SPANDEX, for goodness’ sake! And still, at mile 16, apparently they were sagging. Hmph. Anyway. The marathon was fabulous, one of my very best friends got engaged, and I ate a lot. The end.

3. Casey turned 32. He enjoyed it. I am still older than he is.

4. New Year’s happened. I took sparkler pictures and Regan and her family came by and ate hot dogs, which made her child throw up. I’m sorry, Truman.

5. I didn’t really make any resolutions, except to stop biting my nails (ew, disgusting) and to try not to yell. The cause of my yelling is usually whining, so Georgia has promised to try to stop doing that. I’m not holding my breath for either of these things, but it’s good to have goals.

6. I am not training for another marathon anytime soon (uh, or EVER) but I would really like to take a ballet class. Who’s with me?

7. I’ve been taking pictures again. I got really burned out last year when I was doing the 365 Project, and I realized that if I make it a chore, I won’t have fun doing it anymore. So! No more of these organized challenge-type things. I like to take pictures, and I’m going to keep doing it.

8. The last, final, and truest excuse for the not posting: I am kind of lazy.

But I do love you, internet, and I vow to remain faithful. Or, you know, more faithful than I have been. Maybe I’ll post twice a month? Like I said, it’s good to have goals.


One Comment on “Extended Hiatus: The Excuses Edition”

  1. A'Dell says:

    I totally read the first part as second kids are EASIER and I was like, SWEET! And then I saw that it said MESSIER and, well, that was not as exciting to me.

    What washer/dryer did you get? I want to buy a new set soon and, like all appliance purchases, the choices and options are paralyzing when first starting to check them out. Why can’t they make it simple!?

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