Things I Would Like To Do (Sometime)

So I titled this as “Things I would Like to Do” because I’m really not into this Bucket List or Life List or Mighty List or whatever such branded madness is going on these days, and I don’t really have goals like “Go skydiving!” (NEVER) or “backpack through Turkey!” (NO DESIRE WHATSOEVER.) But that being said, I have a few concrete things that I would like to accomplish within the next year or so. Since I just turned 32, it makes sense to put a year on here, for planning purposes, but should it not happen, nothing’s going to implode or explode and the world will keep on turning and it really won’t matter at all.

1. attend a photo workshop (I’m looking into the Maine Photo Workshops right now and I kind of really, really want to go)

2. paint the girls’ bedroom and finish making their curtains

3. finish the NYC marathon (on schedule! November 7!)

4. brand my photography website: step one already taken… already talked to the amazing designer I want to hire. (Now I just need to find a money tree or something like that.)

5. take a vacation with my husband without our children (it’s very unlikely that this will happen but I’m putting it on here anyway, dammit)

6. buy a new couch

There! Six. Six very tangible, accomplish-able goals! I think they’ll happen. But if they don’t? Meh. Just keep ’em on the list.


2 Comments on “Things I Would Like To Do (Sometime)”

  1. Arwen says:

    A kid-free vacation (or, realistically, a kid-free WEEKEND) is THE big item on our list for the next year. I go into paroxysms of joy just thinking about it.

    I hope it happens for you too!

  2. Jennie says:

    I love specific goals. Things you want to do so you write them down not things you create so you can fill out a trendy list.

    Also, if you want a babysitter one weekend, let me know. I’ll come down and watch the girls so you guys can go somewhere. That sounds weird now that I read that. Some internet friend offering to watch your kids for a weekend but … uh … I am a firm believer in adults-only vacations, so I’m seriously more than happy to ever help. I live close enough that it’s not impossible!

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