The Roof! The Roof! The Roof is on… oh, wait.

I took the girls to a playdate this morning. When we got back, I was… somewhat surprised. Because even though I had left my husband at home with a cheery wave and a “have fun demolishing the back porch!” * I was not really expecting to see what I did.

It looked basically like this when I left.

And when I got back it looked like this.

Have I mentioned yet that we bought our house from a flipper? A lazy, lazy flipper who apparently couldn’t be bothered to, I don’t know… paint the inside of the back porch while the rest of the house was being painted? (Though if we’re being honest, I don’t know that I had ever really noticed that fact before today.)

While I’m really excited about the next phase (a full porch, screened in, places to sit, a ceiling fan!) I am not as crazy about this phase, which entails not only the no-porch thing, but also the no washer/dryer thing (important) and also the no-easy-access-to-the-backyard-and-thus-the-garage-where-the-car-is-parked thing. Please let me assure you that I do recognize that this is a first world problem and I’m really only mildly put out by the situation, but I do live with the Messiest Baby Ever (TM), as well as a four year old who likes to make dirt piles and pick flowers and roll down grassy hills. I am rather fond of having a washing machine at my disposal.

While we’re on that topic, I have no disposal. Nor do I have a dishwasher. Or TiVo, DVR, or whatever it is the kids are using these days to pause their TV and watch it later. My husband is the least TV-watching person in the history of the world and so we’ve never really missed having anything but the basic, basic stations. We did mourn when our PBS stations went down to two instead of one, but you know, we manage just fine. Although I am starting to feel a little out of it in conversations with people who don’t live in my house, because I don’t really know who Snooki(e?) is and I have never watched any Real Houswives of Anything and also who is this Kelly Cutrone that Twitter is all over? I need some pop culture uppage, stat. Maybe I need an US Weekly subscription. I could read it on my porch!

* “Have fun stormin’ the castle!” If you know the movie this line is from without batting an eye, I feel that we are best friends. Despite my lack of current pop culture knowledge, I am a total movie geek.


3 Comments on “The Roof! The Roof! The Roof is on… oh, wait.”

  1. You only get 2 PBS stations? I’m pretty sure we still get 3, 18-1, 18-2, and 18-3 (we also do not have cable, only basic local stations). Maybe I’m making this up now that I go publish it on the internet? But I’m sure we get 2.

  2. Manda says:

    Dude I also have no clue about all these Housewives and Snookie, etc. We only have an antennae and haven’t had cable in the history of our marriage! SIX YEARS! My husband is very anti-television. We watch loads of movies. But he fusses when I put on Sesame street even for like FIVE MINUTES so I can unload the dishwasher, which of course makes me want to punch him bc … TODDLER.
    I am jealous of your Future Porch!

  3. Kerri Anne says:

    I totally don’t have a T.V.! Hulu is my best friend. Also:

    Also, and this is going to sound completely random being attached to this particular post, but I just finished reading your about page and (hi, you’re awesome, yes, but also!) I LOVE NEW ORLEANS. Have we had this conversation yet? Because I’ve been twice in the past two years and one of my best friends currently lives there and I’m pretty sure I would move there if I wasn’t so afraid of the Humidity, That Kills Me.

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