In Which I Pretend I am a “Single Lady”

The title here might lead one to to believe that I am doing some sort of dance, in heels, possibly in a black unitard, tossing my hair about and looking smolderingly at a camera. I will now reassure you that nothing of the kind is happening over here, save the hair being tossed around issue (I really should just go get a damn hairband.) No, what I’m really talking about is that I WENT OUT THIS WEEKEND. Not once, mind you, but TWICE. On both Friday AND Saturday nights. And yes, the caps are necessary. Because not only do I not usually go out, I really, really don’t go out two nights in one weekend. And I went out AGAIN! For brunch on Sunday! Which was amazing! And after going out so very, very much,  I lived to tell the tale. So… uh, here’s the tale.

On Friday night I went to a birthday party for the boyfriend of one of my best friends. He turned thirty, and so she threw him one of the most fun parties I have ever had the good fortune to attend. Not only was it a bowling party, but it was a costume party. A themed costume party. A 70’s, disco-era, polyester themed party. And it was fantastic. However, I realized sometime on Friday morning that I did not have any appropriately themed clothing for said shindig, so I posed a question to Twitter.

Would it be weird if, instead of dressing for a party tonight like it’s the 70’s, I dressed like I was IN my 70’s?

Sarah gave me the go-ahead and asked for pictures, and I am nothing if not responsive, so…

There. I am the one directly next to the birthday boy, wearing the red muumuu and throwing gang signs, apparently. And though they aren’t visible, I’m wearing ankle socks and running shoes over those black tights. I am a party animal. The end. And on to the next!

I met a friend for drinks on Saturday night at the Hotel San Jose on South Congress. I would live there if I could. Really. However, we each ordered one drink and shared a chocolate plate (that’s right. A chocolate plate.) Then we went home. Hey, I just said I went out! I didn’t say I went out and drank myself under the table! And in our defense, we both have children at home so one drink is pretty much where we have to stop in order to drive home safely. On another note, I had a Champassion. You should go there and get one. You’re welcome.

And then on Sunday (uh, today), I met Jennie for brunch at South Congress Cafe. I was so, so excited to meet her, and she was every bit as smart and cute and funny and warm as I knew she would be. And she had run her first 5K that morning! Badass. We talked and talked and talked (and managed to eat migas and crab cake eggs Benedict in between talking… come visit me in Austin and I’ll take you there!) and had a wonderful time, and then finished eating and walked back down South Congress to the Hotel San Jose so Jennie could see it (no, really, come to Austin and go there… it won’t disappoint.)

All in all, I barely recognized myself this weekend. Who do I think I am? Some young fool of a girl who has no kids and no husband and who gallivants all over town? At least now I’m home in pajamas eating ice cream. Which is a much more normal version of me, in case anyone was wondering.


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