Too Much to Say

This “four blogs” thing is starting to wear me down… I post to my Hazeled blog every day (yep, EVERY DAY) because I said I would, dammit, and I make myself take and post that photo every day, weather or exhaustion or screamy baby getting six teeth notwithstanding (hey! see what I did there? how I worked that in? SIX TEETH. Or should it be SIXXX because she is indeed acting like the devil?). There’s also our little family blog which I’ve kept since G was born in 2006, which the grandparents check and the friends check and the aunts and uncles check, and if you look at the sidebar there it will tell you that I’ve steadily increased posting each year until this January, when things came to a screeching halt because I started Hazeled, I started this here blog, and I started contributing over at Style Lush, which I adore. So I really wouldn’t give up any of them, but lately I feel the need to concentrate my efforts. (Though I don’t think I can really combine any of them since they’re all so different.) How do all of you people who have five plus writing gigs get it all done? I tip my hat to you.

So! In a different vein, we had Georgia’s birthday party last weekend! It was… crowded. One word for you: MONSOON. And anyone who follows me on Twitter is sick of hearing about the birthday party/monsoon issues, so I won’t mention them again but, hey, pictures! On the family blog! Check them out… they involve sparkly shoes, you know, and who doesn’t like that? And also, my new favorite thing… balloons. I want to own my own helium tank, people. I absolutely loved having balloons floating all over the house. Not so much the next day when they all started sadly floating down, down, down to rustle forlornly about the house, but on the day of, they were fantastic.

I really can’t believe my baby is four years old, but I’ll save that drama for tomorrow, which is her actual birthday. But really, she used to be tiny! And now she’s all FOUR and stuff! I can’t get over it.

flying away


One Comment on “Too Much to Say”

  1. Jennie says:

    What a great picture! Happy birthday to her.

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