Internet Detox

Sometimes after I spend way too much time reading online (and looking and perusing and bookmarking and coveting and comparing and everything else that happens when observing others’ lives is so accessible), I have to shut the computer. I have to take a deep breath. I have to back away slowly, and I have to find something to do in real life. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. It’s easy to think “My gosh, that person has it so together.” But what I have to remind myself of is that a blog is a tiny, tiny slice of anyone’s life. It’s not always rosy, but most people aren’t going to put just negativity out there because, honestly, how much fun is that to read? I choose to read people who I find entertaining but who really put themselves out there, who choose to present multiple facets of themselves on their blogs. I admire it because I think I’m too scared to do it. I’ve never been a “hold things inside” kind of person, but the idea of putting my feelings and ideas really out there scares the pants off me. We’re all a little afraid of being judged, aren’t we? I know I am, especially by those who love and know me well. So what about putting things out there for a bunch of strangers to read? Is that cathartic or is it just TMI? Is it setting myself up for a smackdown, and am I thick-skinned enough to not care if people judge me, especially if they don’t know me in real life? I used to be pretty overly sensitive, I think, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized more and more that each person is the major player in his or her life, and most people don’t spend excessive amounts of time worrying about others and what others think of them. That being said, I’m going to try to make myself be a little more honest on here… with myself especially.

And also, I’ll remember to walk away from the computer. That can be more cathartic than anything.


2 Comments on “Internet Detox”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am totally with you on this. I started an anonymous blog so that I could vent and yet I *still* can’t let go completely. It’s fairly obvious I should go talk to a therapist about this THING that is on my mind, but the thought of actually verbalizing my thoughts to a stranger is making me ill. It feels like a catch-22: I want someone to understand me so that the judging (oh, erm, I mean the ADVICE) can at least be well-informed but at the same time I want to be anonymous so I can fully spill the beans. I know I should just get it out there and deal with it, but the potential consequences of not keeping it bottled a little while longer are terrifying.

    • flipandglib says:

      It’s a tough line, I think… mine’s not really anonymous, per se. I don’t use my last name at all, but I post pictures of my family and it’s linked from Style Lush, so if someone who knows me in real life follows me on Twitter, pops over to Style Lush and THEN looks at my profile there and clicks through, they could find me here. In theory. But I also don’t advertise this blog… it’s not linked from my Twitter account nor do I let people I know in real life know about it. So do you think there’s a time when it’s just time to let things become completely transparent? At least enough to get that honest “advice” we’re looking for? Hm.

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