Knocking Out Those Resolutions One at a Time

*warning: there are about 5 run-on sentences in this post but I don’t care a bit because I’m so excited about the topics of discussion. Try not to judge me.

I am notoriously bad at making myself do things I should do… therefore, I am a procrastinator extraordinaire. At this very moment, I’m totally avoiding some stuff I should be doing. Like dishes! Or showering. But that’s neither here nor there. What I’m truly excited about is that in this freezing year that seems determined to bog me down even though I have already declared 2010 the year of “better than 09,” I have managed to do two things that I said I would do.

1. I conquered a fear of reaching out to the Internet and contacted the lovely Jennie back in Octoberish when she started her fabulous site, Style Lush, to see if they might have need for more writers for the site. She wrote back (immediately and all friendly-like, because she’s like that) and let me know that they were pretty full but that she would contact me if something became available. And then she did write back later! And said I could write some stuff! And lo, I was THRILLED. I’m a huge fan of the women on the site, even though I’ve typically been a crap commenter on their blogs because I just started this here blog about a nano-second ago, and I don’t always leave my family blog on there because, hello, it’s about a billion pictures of my kids and that’s only interesting to the grandparents. These women can WRITE, I tell you, and I’m so honored to even be in their virtual company.  So I’m writing over there now and loving it… click on over and check it out! My checkbook asks that you buy everything featured on the site so that I can’t, please.

2. I started a business. No, really. I did. A little one, nothing enormous, but so far it’s giving me enormous personal satisfaction and also a creative outlet, both of which are making me really happy. Hazeled is my new photography venture. I know there are a billion photographers out there, and I’m not trying to make this a “bring home the bacon” kind of job, but if I can take photos (which makes me happy) of beautiful children (which makes the parents happy) then what’s not to love? I’m still scared out of my pants about it but I’ve already had my first client shoot and I have a second one coming up on Thursday. Truly, I couldn’t be more excited.

So there! I did it! Two things that scared me but are making my 2010 infinitely better. This, I’m sure, will give me license to procrastinate in just about every other area of my life. My husband will be thrilled.


2 Comments on “Knocking Out Those Resolutions One at a Time”

  1. You should come to BlogHer and be the official Style Lush photographer!

    Also, it’s been a joy getting to know you and having you write for us. I’m so thrilled you conquered that fear.

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