A minor addendum

G was born in March of 2006, and in November of that year I headed to New York City to work the weekend of the marathon. That’s a double-meaning sentence, really, because I actually went to “work the marathon,” as they say in the event world. The job I worked for the past 5 years was in non-profit event management and fundraising, and in 2006 I managed a charity team running the NYC marathon. At that point G was around 7 months old, and it was my first time away from her. I knew I would miss her, and I knew it would be hard. But I also knew that it was a weekend that I could be with good friends and coworkers and really take a little time to enjoy only being responsible for myself. (Well, for myself and 100 runners, but that’s neither here nor there.) What I didn’t anticipate was the incredible energy and inspiration I would get from being around all of those runners and New Yorkers. I had seen the marathon before… heck, I lived in NYC for 2 years! I watched those runners from the safety of the curb in 2002, munching my bagel sandwich and cradling a cup of hot coffee. I remember thinking “Those people are nuts. NUTS.”

But in 2006 it was different. I was different. And instead of thinking “those people are nuts”, I thought, “I want to do that.” SO when I got back from the city, I registered for the lottery for the marathon. And in November of 2007, I finished that race. And it was AMAZING. (Painful, but amazing.)

I just checked online and the lottery for 2010 was open. So I put my name in the hat to run the NYC marathon again in 2010. I’m officially adding it to my “to do” list for next year.


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