I’m Sure YOUR Minivan is Lovely

For the Christmas holiday, we’re driving to Colorado to stay with my husband’s family. Which is a 21-or-so hour drive from where we live. Which sounds like a recipe for disaster, I know. We’ve actually done this trip several times, but never with both kids. Also, my immediate family (mother, father, sister) will be joining us as well, which is a whole other story and I’m sure will make for interesting fodder later. My sister, who lives five blocks from us, will be driving up there with us, as will the dog. Needless to say, five humans plus one dog plus luggage plus Christmas gifts will not be fitting into a small Toyota. I mean, it might be physically possible, but I can’t think of anything that sounds more painful. (Well, I guess trying to bring the cats would add an interesting element of both mental and physical pain.)

In any case, we’re renting a minivan. Yes, a minivan. I talk with people who drive them, and I hear amazing things about “so spacious!” I hear “the doors open on their own with the merest touch of a button!” I hear “so easy for the kids to get in and out of on their own!” But then my mind thinks “I am not there yet, and I don’t think I will ever be.” Something makes me have an unreasonable fear of being stereotyped because of what I drive, which I know is ridiculous. And why should I care what anyone thinks anyway? But I do. And also, C claims that I will fall in deep, deep love with this mode of transport and thinks I will be begging for one when we return from the trip. To which I say, I THINK NOT. I am only 31. Plenty of time yet for me to get the mom haircut, pull my jeans up and start toting the kids to all those afterschool activities. Which I can do without a minivan, thanks very much.


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