the new gig

I’m pretty new to this stay-at-home-mom gig. My older daughter G was born in 2006; I took 3 months maternity leave (*shakes fist in general direction of DC and policy makers in general*) and went back to work full time when she was three months old. I had no idea whatsoever how difficult that would be. We didn’t have a choice in terms of money; my husband C was a full time grad student and we needed to eat. And pay bills. And feed the dog. You get the idea. Anyway, when my second daughter A was born in early 09, we decided that, since C would be graduating in May and we would be moving (he had a job offer in another state… closer to family!), I just wouldn’t go back to work after maternity leave was up, and would stay home with A. This would hopefully prevent the massive guilt complex that I developed when G had to be in full-time daycare. Side note: I was raised Catholic in the south. WE KNOW GUILT.

Now, we all know what happens when we have our minds set on a plan, right? The job offer was rescinded (stupid economy) and we had to start over from scratch. Having no childcare at all lined up for A, and having planned to take G out of her current daycare, we decided to move ahead with that part of the plan and I left my (really flexible, pretty well paying) job. I miss it sometimes, but as I have been home for just shy of a year now, I realize that what I miss most is the people, the interaction, the measurable goals and the community. When C gets home at the end of day and asks what I did that day, sometimes all I can say is “I kept a human alive. Oh, and did some dishes.” Part of me feels like the house should be sparkly, like I should wear a dotted-Swiss apron and have fresh-baked goods waiting for whoever stops by. My grandmother, who married into the aforementioned Southern Catholic family, had seven children and always had her hair done, dinner on the table and an impeccable home. Then I remember that she had “help” in the form of a daily maid and, you know, those SEVEN KIDS who could not only pick up after themselves but also each other. I’m looking forward to that stage (ten-month-olds are really lax in the cleaning-up department, if you weren’t aware).

I’m not sure where I’m going with this; I think it’s that, since I’ve been home, I’ve gotten familiar with the blogging community at large. I’ve learned a lot about a bunch of people I’ll never meet, but I’ve learned a lot from these people as well. I’m pretty sure this medium isn’t going anywhere anytime soon (by medium, I mean blogging – I’m not a medium in the psychic sense of the word, as far as I know). Thanks to all who write so we can read.


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